Friday, June 7, 2013


My mom is buying me a Vitamix blender. This is an epic event for me.

She came across the idea when she graciously housed a couple of my yogi friends and I who happened to be in St. Louis for a yoga seminar. For the week-long event each yogi had a single backpack.

She was remarking on our ability to consolidate our gear to the bare essentials when we produced a giant Vitamix blender from one of our packs. Im pretty sure it looked like we were pulling a lamp from the Mary Poppins bag.

Just the essentials, folks.

She was a little perplexed that a second t-shirt was considered non-essential but the blender, well, that HAD to go with us.

We are not unusual. Yogis traveling via plane call ahead to see who is bringing a Vitamix. Crash-pads are established by who owns a Vitamix. Vitamixes are the proverbial office water-cooler around which we gather.

So, yes, I am excited. Like, new car excited.

Here are the reasons I am excited:
  1. Participation in the ritual of packing a Vitamix + a weeks worth of travel-gear in a single backpack.
  2. No more chunky smoothies!
  3. There is something you do with grains in these things. Im not sure what, but there is a cookbook included. I look forward to getting my naughty-carb on.
  4. Raw Power!
  5. Cleaning without taking up the whole dishwasher; a drop of soap, turn the blender on, done!
  6. No more poking at kale with a chopstick to get the bits moving.
  7. No more, "Ka-CHUNK!" as the chopstick gets caught in the blade.
  8. No more eating bits of chopstick. (Im sure that will make them taste better!)
  9.  A SEVEN year warranty.
I may paint flames on the side of this bad-boy. Wonder if they make a shaker-hood accessory...


  1. The Vitamix is going to change your fucking life.

    1. I KNOW!!!! :D (OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!)

  2. Lol! One more reason to come visit me in Texas, you can bring your yogi friends and do yoga on my ranch, and enjoy not having to pack a Vitamix.

    1. Don't tempt me; you'll find yourself inundated with backbenders!