Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life Hack

Take advantage of the polar vortex sub-zero planet-Hoth conditions by freezing your yoga gear.

If you live in a two-flat or other shared residence you may, like me, have a covered but not heated stairwell to your basement and laundry. Use this area much like your freezer for trash.* Dump your bag of smelly, damp (or if you're a sweater like me, sopping wet) yoga gear in the walkway. It will freeze, buying you a few days before you need to do laundry.

I've been able to go three days without laundry all winter this way. Granted, it's a little weird when you finally get around to the laundry and you have to pull apart iced towels, but try to think of it like those pre-teen pranks of freezing the first person to fall asleep's underwear. Totally normal, right?

* What? You don't freeze your trash? Not as crazy as it sounds; put trash that would smell by trash day in your freezer to keep it from smelling up your kitchen.