Thursday, May 31, 2012


New students often confide that they are scared of farting in class. "Does everyone look at you?" "What if it's loud?" "Have you ever really let one go?"

The answer of most experienced yogis is, yes. Aside from the fact that you are supposed to fart in class, (What do you think all that pushing, pulling and stretching is doing? Removing toxins by sweat, breath and yes, farting.) the yoga room is not a magical land where bodily functions cease. If you spend enough time in any one place, you will eventually fart in that place. Duh. 

This does not mean that the room becomes thick from gasses, causing methane gas to asphyxiate the yogis inside. I certainly don't fart in the room often; unless you count once per month often. I can, with some confidence, say that is the precise frequency with which I spend my class tooting. I have no idea if other females* have this issue, but during my monthly visit I develop copious amounts of gas. It's not always smelly, or noisy, thank goodness, but the quantities are rather astounding. 

Last week contained an unusually bloated day and class became an adventure in farts. In most poses wind was removed, whether the pose seemed to call for it or not. I felt a little bad about it in separate-leg-stretching, when my neighbor's head was uncomfortably close to my rear.

My shorts were so wet from sweat I got horrible visions of the material billowing like a sail with each fart. 

Hi! Nice to meet you. Yes, I ate curry today. Why do you ask?

Miraculously though, not a single one was loud or particularly smelly that class. I have, of course, been next to (and the cause of) those. New students are particularly prone, males especially.** I realize the goal is to become so focused you don't notice these things, but when a guy is accidentally telling you what he ate this week (That smelled like beer. That was Cheetos. Woah, that was spicey ramen) it is hard to give your focus adequate focus. 

All that said though, I notice the gas with the same amount of eye-rolling, snickering or superiority that I would address a person's thumb. We all do it. Get over it. Unless it's me. My farts are epic. Go ahead and laugh at my billowing sail-shorts.

* Aside from the ones with my same genetic code; I did feel the need to confide this issue with my mother at one point. Evidently she gets gassy at that time of the month too! What a relief it was to find out I wasn't alone!

**I know this is a horrible generalization, but I do feel it safe to say that, on the whole, men eat more red meat and drink more beer than women. Both substances are notorious fart-causers.


  1. Haven't heard the word pooting in ages. Thanks for an entertaining and reassuring post.

    1. Anytime you need juvenile behavior/humor, I'm your gal. Glad to be of service.

  2. Ha, I love your maticulous details....:))
    Bikram says that a man´s fart is loud, but a woman´s is always silent kills you. Haha, so true. I also always hope that mine are at least silent, so I don´t embarass myself, because I must say that I still get embarassed even though it is normal. Hey, there is a pose called "wind removing pose", right? There is a regular student in my studio, who ALWAYS (=every single class) removes her wind during 747 taking off. We are all used to it.
    ps: yeah, I must confirm the frequency of wind removing is in correlation of THAT time of period of the month for me too...

    1. Yeah, I can usually keep them quiet but there's nothing you can do about the smell but hope. I LOVE that there is a regular fart-point for a person at your studio! That would add just the right amount of levity to a class!
      ps: And now confirmation from a person who does not share my genes! I feel just a bit closer to 'normal.'