Thursday, November 22, 2012

Homeless or Yogi

Yesterday I did a yogathon. A yogathon is when you do all the classes offered at your studio in a single day. Yesterday there were 5 classes.

Knowing from past experience I would be brain-dead I planned on taking the bus home. After waiting for 20 minutes I realized the bus I wanted had stopped running. I started walking home, in the rain, when I made the realization that walking 4 miles after 7.5 hours of yoga was tipping the scales from crazy to insane. So I called The Boy to pick me up at the nearby grocery store.

An urgent hunger hit me so I ducked into the grocery store to grab some pineapple for the wait.

There was no seating outside of the rain so I hunkered down under an overhang to munch on my sweet prize. I ate that pineapple with such relish that it took a gasp from a customer exiting the store to realize that I looked like a gollum creature; slightly damp, feasting on a hastily opened pack of pineapple, juice dripping down my hands and face.

No, I did not spend weeks illustrating this. The shot is from LOTR.

Eh. Pride. Who needs it? I didn't move until the pineapple was gone.


  1. I would not have moved either. Have you recuperated?

    1. You bet I have! I usually feel exhausted the next day but VERY alert and constantly hungry (my metabolism goes through the roof!). By day two I feel normal again and my voracious appetite has subsided to it's usual horse-like quantities. Thanks for asking! :)

  2. Hahaha, I can only imagine what the person was thinking... that you just ran through the rain to escape a mean person holding you hostage without food for a week perhaps? But yeah. Who cares!

    Awesome job on the yogathon!

    1. TRUTH! How much you want to bet there were calls into the police that evening? ;) Thanks, it was a great time!