Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adult Beverages Lose Their Status Near My Mouth

As I am thirstily drinking my water, tipping the glass so far up that two streams form at the corners of my mouth, rushing down my chin and forming dark spots on my t-shirt, it occurs to me that I should stop drinking my water like this because a considerable portion of the precisely-measured supplement I just added to said water is not making it into my mouth. Reason number 3,487 that I am not yet an adult. 
I'm not really all that thirsty, just that sloppy.


  1. love it! Nah don't worry about not being an adult, you can just use a fun cup with a straw - not grown up & less chance of losing your supplement!

    1. Ermahgerd, fun cup! ( I must procure a fun cap and straw. Today.