Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Road to Dubruvinik

I have started taking advanced classes to prepare for Dubrovnik. What a surprise, this has led to more epic falling! In deference to the fact that this blog is turning into a regular bloopers reel, I will attempt to convey the massive FAIL that was this, most recent, fall. 

I attempted, with the guidance of the oh-so-generous teachers* to stand up from a backbend (with both feet and hands on the floor) by simply** using my core muscles to lift me up. 

I did not get into this backbend to cool way (from standing), rather, I pushed myself up from the ground like you do in grade-school gym class. Once I was in this back-bend arc the instructor asked if I could stand up. I knew I couldn't because I have tried it countless times. However, I have this part of me, which is turning out to be rather helpful, that says, "let's see" whenever a teacher asks me if I can do something. They could pretty much say, "Now levitate!" (which they have) and I will honestly give it my best shot (which I have). Sometimes the results are better than expected, most times not. I have yet to levitate.*** 

It seems to me that the times I fall over are well worth the 1% of the time that I don't. 

With a plethora of helpful hints and a whole ton of cheerleading, I managed to pull off the most awkward, flailing, catapulted reverse of a pose ever. I rocked, rolled, pushed, launched forward, very briefly passed through a standing position, and flopped onto the floor. Once I found myself stationary I proudly looked up from the floor -- exactly opposite my previous position on the floor -- and beamed, "I did it!"

A brief encounter with the goal of standing

A reunion with the floor

The other, much more advanced yogis in the room, did not cringe but only suggested that I try "grounding myself." In other words, sink the heels in, flex the correct muscles and next time manage to end up standing when attempting to stand. I like to call this "finessing" the pose. 

*Seriously, these guys are awesome. I have no idea what I am doing yet nobody seems irked at the extra attention I need. Everyone has been super nice, even joking with me about how great Im doing when I manage to wrangle myself into a pose. Such a great group. <3

**Please note the massive sarcasm.

***Yes, this is a joke, I am not a 'floating yogi' or whatever that sect is called. It seems really odd that I feel the need to clarify that.


  1. The fact that you're doing Birkam yoga proves you're braver than me. :)

    I need to seriously start practicing yoga to strengthen my core muscles to save my low back.

  2. While I might not agree about the braver part, I would agree with the saving your spine part. You can do all sorts of things without your arms or legs. Your spine, however, is a necessity -- treat it well. :)

  3. haha, you are too funny! :))) I remember my first few adavnced classes were like "uh, ah, can someone slow down?" and "what am I supposed to do?" and "what the HELL am I doing among these super-yogis?? I can´t seem to do any of these posture...." I always screwed up the salutations, which side to turn...etc, but then in Malta Bikram made us do at least 4 sets (couldn´t feel my quads after) of them the first day or two, so that kind of did the "programming" :D
    I´m a bit jealous, I would totally go if I didn´t go to TT this Fall...

  4. Salutations, UGH! My foot goes out, I fall. My foot goes out again, I fall. Flop. Flop. Flop. I figure as long as I don't fall on anyone else it's no big deal. ;) Being 'programmed' would be great! I can't wait (that sounds so lemming of me)!

    And congrats on TT, Sylvia!!!!!! That is gonna ROCK. You simply must tell us all about it when you get back. :)

  5. You probably fail with more grace and balance than I walk! It is always inspiring to practice with you and the other "super-yogis" of the back row. Have a great trip! Chandra

    1. Chandra, you are, as always, too kind. Thank you. I have gotten really, REALLY talented at falling. Practice,practice, practice. ;) My favorites are when I fall out of an arm-stand. I have tucked and rolled out of those falls, ending up a full mat-length away from my own mat.

  6. Ummm, fall NOT fail.