Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Introduction

What makes me qualified to write a blog about Bikram Yoga? Nothing. But isn't that the beauty of yoga? You can walk in overweight, head twisted around sideways, shaking from stress, and rather than looking annoyed as you struggle to twist yourself into a pretzel, the teachers get this crazed look in their eyes like a kid with hard candy stuck to his pudgy cheeks has just walked into their fudge shoppe. They almost froth at the mouth at the opportunity to mend people that the untrained eye would judge inadequate candidates for yoga. As such, I deem my inexperience as no obstacle.

Now that we have established that I have no business writing this blog you may ask, "Why would I?" A very reasonable inquiry.

Simple. I like my boyfriend and want him to stay with me.

Let me explain. I have a very limited repertoire for conversation. The few subjects that have caught my 3.2 second attention span become so interesting to me that I find most people are baffled by my ability to hold 4 hour conversations, often without pausing for breath, about what, to anyone else, is roughly as interesting as watching dust-bunnies form.

For example: eagle pose

In an effort to spare my longtime boyfriend from an eternity of maddening drivel I will push my yoga babble onto the rest of the world. SOMEONE has got to think eagle pose is the funniest thing EVER besides me.

P.S. Bookmark this page if you have any interest in Bikram Yoga, cats or graphic design! Mostly this will be about Bikram, but there are bound to be more than a few other things my boyfriend would rather I shout into the internet abyss than share with him...again. It's a safe bet that those things will involve my other two subjects of conversation.

P.P.S. Bookmark this page if you have no interest whatsoever in yoga! My boyfriend can vouch for its content's ability to lull even the most stubborn insomniac into a sleep-like trance!


  1. Woman, I love your sense of humor...but wait, that's why we're friends. Love it! Can't wait to read the next post.

  2. And for those who have not seen the referenced 'Kitten vs Apples' video:

  3. i have met that blank stare A MILLION TIMES.

  4. Hahaha! I love it! Yesterday in Eagle, I managed to poke myself in the right eye with a finger on my right hand. This cracked me up but no one else saw it. Thanks for writing and I love your drawings!

  5. I already forgot how I found your blog but no matter, cuz I've been laughing to myself reading your posts. Thank god I'm at home alone.

    Looking forward to reading more, especially for the laughs.


  6. So glad you found me, Little Piggy! You have no idea how much you made my day! I read this while at the Asana Championships yesterday. Thanks for the extra push! :)